Energy services you can Trust

Your Needs

Is energy your core business?
What questions do you need to answer about your energy use?

  1. Do I know how much we spend for energy? Do I know how much the cost can vary each year?  Can I afford the swings to my operational cash flow?
  2. Do we have cost-effective options to reduce our costs?  What are those options?
  3. Does my organization possess the necessary information, skills and practical experience to make significant energy decisions?
  4. Do we have an energy procurement strategy? What steps are we taking to implement the strategy?
  5. How do we measure our progress and results?  Are our results typical?
  6. Am I aware of the risks involved in purchasing energy futures contracts?  How have we mitigated our risks?
  7. Did we negotiate the terms of service with our energy supplier?  Do I understand the terms? Are they in my favor?

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